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Breeding Stock Goats for Sale

Spring is almost here! We are eagerly awaiting the 2015 kid crop. This year, does were bred to RUS Zephyr, our last 100% New Zealand Kiko buck. Our does were too related to our previous herdsire Pig, so we felt it was time to out-cross.

We conduct on-farm performance testing of our kid crop. Only kids with above average daily gains (0.3 lbs/day for doelings and 0.4 lbs/day for bucklings) and structural soundness that were raised by an attentive mother will be sold for breeding stock. All others are sold for slaughter.

Goats on our farm are trained to electric netting and electric twine/tape in addition to hot wires on fence.

We are accepting $50 deposits to hold 2015 kids.

We will be offering a select few of our mature does for sale. We are keeping back some of the 2015 doe kids as replacements, and we do not have room for everybody. We will be posting photos soon.

RUS Zephyr is for sale - $750, including registrating/DNA through the AKGA.

Interested in our goats? We will gladly email our production data to you for your review.

Please contact us with any questions.
email: phone: 217-688-2043.

RUS Zephyr

pictured at about 7 months of age

Sire: JFK Mary's Monsieur (aka "Marty")

Dam: JFK ZeeBee - she traces to Tasman Aristocrat

$750, includes AKGA registration and DNA

A special thank you to the buyers who attended KikoFest 2009 in Gray, TN

The following does have gone to new homes

RUS Rosalie

100% New Zealand Kiko Doe

DOB 2-24-08


Sire: SHL Black Bart

Dam: RBF Ellie Mae

This mature blue roan doe is ready for breeding. She is from a set of twins that has been raised as forage only and has never needed deworming.

Dam's sister was the high selling doe at Kikofest 2007

CEJA's Midnight Star

75% Kiko Doe (IKGA Percentage Kiko)

Two years old; kidded twins in 2008 and 2009. Weaned kid crop 71# in 2009, 59# in 2008.

Sire: SKY Golden Dream

Dam: LBCF - 60B

TCF Josephine PBD 6T07 ("Josie")

AKGA Purebred

IKGA American Premier

DOB 12-14-06


Sire: BBM Terminator

Dam: BBM Snowy S694

"Up and nursing before his sister was even born!"

Josie and her buckling - the doeling was born a few minutes later - March 2009

RUS Smores 9R16

50% Kiko doeling

DOB 3-6-09


Who says you can't have performance and color? This spotted black doeling is one of twin does that has superior rate of gain, has been raised forage only, and has never needed to be dewormed.

Sire: JFK Uncle Jesse

Dam: Smores (unregistered Kiko/Spanish doe)

90 d ADG = 0.39 lbs/day

RUS Paprika's 9J04

50% Kiko Doeling

DOB 2-3-09


Sire: JFK Uncle Jesse

Dam: Paprika (unregistered Kiko/Nubian doe)

90 d ADG = 0.31 lbs/day

*we are working on getting a photo*

TCF Mamasita PBD 7P27 ("Bandit")

AKGA Purebred

IKGA American Premier

DOB 1-24-07


Sire: GFI Rolling Meadows Papasito

Dam: BBM Rosie S691