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Free Range Eggs
Since 2007, we have kept a flock of free-range hens to provide fresh eggs. The hens are allowed access to the goat pastures and enjoy a full buffet of grasses, weeds, seed heads and insects. We also supplement them with layer feed to ensure adequate nutrition for egg production.

Their home is a regular chicken palace! The mesh-floored coop is built on a set of running gears. The mesh floor allows the manure to fall through, so as the coop is moved around, the manure is distributed around our pastures as fertilizer. Side-ramp doors let the chickens come and go as they please, but are closed at night to keep out predators. Inside is a wall of roosts for sleeping hens, as well as a 10-hole nestbox for laying eggs. Eggs are accessed through a smaller side-door.

Our colorful flock consists of a variety of breeds suited for free-ranging and winter egg production. We have Barred Rocks, Black Australorps, Production Reds and Buckeyes that lay brown eggs. We also have "Easter Egg Hens" (Araucana/Americana breed) that lay blue-green eggs!
You can purchase our Free-Range eggs directly from the farm for $3.00 per dozen.